Sunday, November 04, 2007

Energy needs will push Human Evolution

Space has never ceased to thrill me and I even authored a book titled "Man conquers the Riddle of Space" when I was in class X. I devour any article on space with equal zest and enthusiasm as I had when I wrote the book. I have been a fan of websites like the Cosmos Magazine, the Space for long.

One article recently caught my eye in the Cosmos Magazine. Titled 'Star Makers', the article gives a vivid and enthralling explanation of the 3 stages that intelligent civilizations go through. Based on the Russian astrophysicist Nicolai Kardashev theories the article states that advanced civilisations can be grouped according to three Types: I, II and III, signifying mastery of, respectively, planetary, stellar and galactic forms of energy usage.

Human civilisation has only recently begun to master planetary energies: fossil fuels, passive solar, wind, geothermal and nuclear fission, and may one day soon crack nuclear fusion. But how long will it take to reach Type II and III status?

Read for yourself here


Bit Hawk said...

Interesting article!

Vijaya K said...

Cosmos is a wonderful thing! I remember the days when I used to eagerly wait to get back home to read a big fat book about Space/Cosmos. That was in my primary school days. I could hardly digest it at that time; (not that I understand great deal of it now :D) However, it filled me with awe and instilled a sense of curiosity and respect towards nature.
Thanks for sharing the links of those websites.